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Dividend Investing Analyzer

Buy and hold a good basket of dividend-paying stocks can give you some wonderful passive incomes, outside your normal employment income. You’re effectively making the money work for you. This tool can analyse and tell you whether the stock you are considering is an ideal candidate for income investment.


  • Historic dividend profile analysis.
  • Forecast future dividend payments, annual rate of return and total return of investment.
  • Rate stock for potential income investment.
Dividend Investing Analyzer

Find safe stock for dividend income investing.

+Tips & Advice

  • Investing in stocks paying dividends give you passive income and an incremental total percentage return of your initial invested capital.
  • Businesses that generate regular free cash flows and have strong balance sheet are generally safe dividend payers.
  • When a company buys back its own shares for cancellation, it will reduce the number of shares in circulation. Generally, the yield from dividend will increase and so is the company’s share price.