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Stock Total Return Analyzer

Want to find out how much profit you would have made if you were to invest in a particular stock a few years ago?
Want to know, from the total return for shareholders, the percentage return between dividends and share price appreciation?
The Stock Total Return tool can provides the answers for you.

  • The investor’s total return from owning a stock is from the dividends received and share price gained when the stock is sold.
  • Investor, as a shareholder, receives cash whenever the company pays out dividends usually twice a year.
  • Investor makes profit on the stock when he sells the shares at a higher price than when the shares are bought.

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Total Return for "WPP WPP PLC" from 2006 to now

  • Share price and dividend
  • Share price in 2006:

    Share price now:

1. Return from change in share price

  • 1.1%
    Annual growth
  • 18.9%
    Total growth
  • £1.31
    Total gain per share
    (from £6.90 to £8.21)

2. Return from dividends paid out

  • 4.6%
    Annual yield
  • 79.6%
    Total yield
  • £5.49
    Total dividends received per share

3. Investors' total return

Example total shareholder return for £5,000 investment. Dividends are not re-invested.

  • Start year of investment: 2006
  • Share price bought at: £6.90
  • Number of shares acquired: 724
  • Total cost (tax & commission not included): £4,996
  • Time frame: 17.42 years
  • Total return:

  • Per year:

  • Initial capital:

    Final capital:
Total Shareholders Return Breakdown

4. Overall Total Return Rating

+Tips & Advice

  • Investing in stocks paying dividends give you regular cash flows and an incremental total percentage return for your initial invested capital.
  • Businesses that generate regular free cash flow and strong balance sheet are generally safe dividend payers.
  • When a company buys back its own shares it will reduce the number of shares in circulation. Generally, your yield from dividend will increase and so will the company’s share price.
  • Over long-term with dividends re-invested, the total shareholder return of a stock will be much higher due to compounding returns.