Investment tools to do your own stock research

Investment Magic Numbers

Rather than spending hours trawling through the often confusing and misleading company financial statements, this time-saving tool can quickly crunch all the numbers and generate a comprehensive set of financial ratios to give investors a strong understanding of the company’s finances and its performance. Serious investors need to identify and invest in businesses with superior economic characteristics that are managed by people who are passionate about their business.


  • Provides insight into the company’s growth and profitability.
  • Offers accessible perspective on the firm’s capital structure and financial health.
  • Calculates relevant ratios to assess quality of earnings and cash generation ability.
Investment Magic Numbers

All popular financial ratios calculated and analysed for DIY stock investors.

+Tips & Advice

  • Balance sheet vertical analysis makes it easy to see relative annual changes of the company’s assets, liabilities and equities.
  • Weak balance sheet and lack of free cash flow have negative impact on dividend.
  • Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and is difficult to manipulate. When in doubt, follow the cash.
  • Earnings growth is always an increasing function of capex, asset turnover, EBIT margin and net debt to equity, and always a decreasing function of the dividend payout ratio.
  • Balance sheets with significant bank debt, bonds, pension fund deficits or future liabilities are the most common cause of investment disaster.