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Financial Report Sentiment Analyzer

Quite often, company’s announcements such as half-year and full-year financial reports are lengthy and time consuming to read from beginning to end. Wouldn’t it be handy if there is a tool that can quickly scan and analyse these reports and present to you the general sentiment and significant key words found in the reports? The Financial Report Sentiment Analyzer tool will do just that.


  • Sentiment rating based on relevant keywords analysis.
  • Analyze and look for sentiment keywords that count.
  • Remove noise and extract key phrases that are significant.
  • Extract potential risk, uncertainty and red flag factors that may affect future financial performance.
  • Detect suspicious words and phrases investors should be wary of.
  • You no longer need to trawl through pages and pages of PR materials to find out how the company is performing.
  • This tool can be used to analyze financial report distributed as web page or PDF document.
Financial Report Sentiment Analyzer

Discover the all-important sentimental keywords in Financial Report in seconds.